Welcome to VATCAN Bookings!

VATCAN Bookings is a simple to use event booking system. Use the EuroScope plugin to see which aircraft are event & non-event aircraft.

The VATCAN Bookings plugin was used during CTP in VATCAN for seeing which aircraft were event & non event traffic. The plugin will display on the aircraft's tag, and in lists allowing you to see which aircraft are event & non-event traffic.

The VATCAN Bookings plugin tells you if an aircraft is a booked flight or not, and can also provide you with that aircraft's slot time.

How does it work?

Event Setup: Once you are logged in, simply create an event. Once the event has been created, you can share it, and grant access to other members of your staff. You can then import a list of booked pilots. You can either provide it in JSON format, or CSV format.

Controller Setup: Download the Bookings Plugin. Once it's installed, and loaded into EuroScope navigate to the plugins settings, and enter the event code given by the event coordinators. The plugin will now have access to the list of pilots who have a booked slot.

How do I get access?

You've already got it! Everyone has access to use our bookings system. We want to share this vital tool for large events with the entire VATSIM community.